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Can the dog set off the alarm in a 2022 but not in a 2020???

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Had the 2020 HC for almost 2 years, the alarm has never gone off.

Picked up the 22 RE and so far the alarm has gone off twice. Both times I was parked in a shopping center lot, windows partially open, doors locked, dog in the back seat.

It appears they changed the security system to be very sensitive to movement/vibration. The dog only weighs 55lb.

Anyone else seeing extra sensitive alarm activation?
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Mobb70 found the solution and posted it in another thread. Press the lock button at least 3 times and it disables the trembler. Works great!
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Your dog swiped the black fob when you weren't looking
She ate it. Now I have to follow her around when she goes outside!
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Dog in car in August with no A/C? Doesn't it get super hot in there even if you roll the windows down a little bit ? Unless you are in a place up north that it is already cooling off.
I started the discussion in April, we get snowstorms in April and sometimes the snow doesn't melt until well into May.:)

Ya, she has been staying home a lot lately, there is nothing about warm weather that she likes.
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