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Can the dog set off the alarm in a 2022 but not in a 2020???

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Had the 2020 HC for almost 2 years, the alarm has never gone off.

Picked up the 22 RE and so far the alarm has gone off twice. Both times I was parked in a shopping center lot, windows partially open, doors locked, dog in the back seat.

It appears they changed the security system to be very sensitive to movement/vibration. The dog only weighs 55lb.

Anyone else seeing extra sensitive alarm activation?
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All 2022 cars have the Intrusion module to detect movement in the interior so this will have to be disabled if you are parking with someone or a pet in the car. Maybe if you left the engine running this would not be an issue I don't know, but should be something on this in your Owner's Manual.

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Don't the new cars also have twin "electric eye" motion detectors mounted high somewhere in the car interior, also?
Yes, they're part of the new high mount stop light housing now and that's what is picking up the dog moving around.

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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