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Can You Enable Launch Assist?

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Curious if anyone has had any success enabling this feature on non-2019 cars. As it stands now, it is a standard feature on 2019 vehicles (Scat, HC, Redeye) as well as the Demon. Keep in mind this is different than standard launch control & slated as an automatically enabled programmed feature. I came across this video earlier today which shows the feature in use and it seems to work as advertised, much better than the standard LC.

Launch Assist:
Launch assist is a feature that is intended to reduce on-throttle wheel hop when it is observed. Wheel hop (tire shake) is a condition in which the rear tires have a stick/slip condition at a very high frequency rate. This condition can be damaging to the vehicle and slows the vehicle down. Launch Assist is capable of adjusting torque almost instantly once a stick/slip event is observed, allowing the vehicle to continue launching without the need for the driver to lift off of the throttle
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Have you checked into a taZer? Helps enable LineLock for launches.

Speedy has a video showing how to do it.
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