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Capture all your trips and OBD diagnostics on your phone, then view online

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Hey hey hey! So I DO NOT WORK FOR TORQUE, just sharing some info...If you already know, then im an idiot :>)

I've seen some obd topics on torque which is an app that lets you use a bluetooth obd adapter to show all your cars diagnostics. The problem was it never had a way to view it later, instead you have to look down at your phone while cruising.. Well I came across this site called speedslip and you can point your torque app and upload that automatically and view anytime or share your data. I use it with a $5 amazon bluetooth obd adapter in our Demon and dailys.

It captures all my trip stuff like other trip sites, but, Ive set up maint reminders and alerts for bad things before they happen... Anyway, maybe someone elese tried and wanted to share because I totally geeked out on it..

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Which obd2 adapter on Amazon did you buy. Please provide link
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Question I can't get mine to do any graphing it says to start logging and to hit the start logging button where is that button.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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