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Car Health

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I found it once and I think it was on Dodges website someplace.

I am looking for the screen that shows the cars health...tire pressure, mileage etc.
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Your tires are off better take it back to the dealer!
LOL! There always has to be one rebel tire. I have the same problem.:)
How do you get to that page, Or is that's a program you sign up for??
If you have registered on Dodge, you vin is linked and you get the reports.
I have never got a report, And I signed up so I could go to the srt track day
Maybe cause yours isn't moving? ddidnt you click the link above to see if you can get it? Might be going to an email address you don't check often.o_O
I just went to my dashboard, and says waiting to subscription
Probably need to set up your car?
The car is set up,, shows my vin, color,, my uconnect mobile app being enabled. Just no vehicle health check up
Guess it's got to move to give you updates????o_O
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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