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car seats (for kids)

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So I have a car seat in the back for my 7 year old son. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for how to protect the leather from the car seat. I've been googling and I'm kind of leaning towards this thing or something similar: Summer Infant Elite DuoMat for Car Seat Black Rear Facing Child Safety Car Seats Baby
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I use Prince Lionheart seat protectors in all of our cars. I also have clear heavy vinyl protectors for the front seat backs so there not getting scuffed & dirty when the kids kick them. You should be able to pick both up at Babies R Us.

Prince Lionheart - Travel - 0560 - Two-Stage Seatsaver

Just bought one of these, found it on a discount site. Seems pretty study and might prevent the indentation. If we make it to the meet up later this month, I will try to remember to bring it, if you want to see it. The Britax one looks like it might work too.
Oh, they work, you won't get any seat damage using them. I don't think anybody straps their kid's seats as tight as I do & none of our seats have been damaged in 8 years....
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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