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car seats (for kids)

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So I have a car seat in the back for my 7 year old son. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for how to protect the leather from the car seat. I've been googling and I'm kind of leaning towards this thing or something similar: Summer Infant Elite DuoMat for Car Seat Black Rear Facing Child Safety Car Seats Baby
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I have that under my car seat but seeing as mine is 6 months, she doesn't produce a lot of mess yet.
I don't think any of the mats would protect against indentation, they are not very think or "cushiony"
I use Prince Lionheart seat protectors in all of our cars. I also have clear heavy vinyl protectors for the front seat backs so there not getting scuffed & dirty when the kids kick them. You should be able to pick both up at Babies R Us.

Prince Lionheart - Travel - 0560 - Two-Stage Seatsaver

Just bought one of these, found it on a discount site. Seems pretty study and might prevent the indentation. If we make it to the meet up later this month, I will try to remember to bring it, if you want to see it. The Britax one looks like it might work too.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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