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Car security system

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I own a challenger RT not a hellcat and enjoy browsing on this site seeing all of your guys sick cars. Hopefully one day I will own one if they’re not to hard to get. I am very grateful though to be able to own what I own at a young age. Anyways I’m starting (trade school) college next week at a few different ones around the Bay Area and I’m kind of nervous leaving my car parked out for 3-5 hours during some days of the week considering they are in a few rougher neighborhoods. I baby my car and love keeping it in immaculate condition and just very paranoid seeing theese younger hood rats target theese cars specifically. I mean they literally go around and know all the techniques to taking theese things for themselves as they don’t have jobs to work for what they want in life. With that being said since taking my car is the only option do you guys recommend any gps systems(car lock)etc and security systems for me. I know I don’t have a 70k hellcat but I think my car is definitely nice and one that could be targeted. Thanks in advance.
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Not to dis your car, but aside from the kill switch recommendation, the next best way to keep your Challenger from getting stolen is to drive a 5.7L. They're not worth much to thieves and their rate of theft is like 1/5 that of a Hellcat's. Professional thieves make money by unloading them either at chop shops or commissions paid from organizations that end up chopping them for parts. The non-Hellcat parts are budget bin cheap in comparison, so you're not going to get many pros trying to lift 5.7s. An entire parted out 5.7 doesn't sell for as much as a single HC engine/trans crate combo.

I would bet that your chance of being carjacked is a lot higher in a 5.7 than your risk of having it stolen.
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