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Car show tips

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was wondering if anyone has good advice on car show tips I've been to a few shows now racked up a few trophies but still not knowing what Most judges look for,figured there would be some great advice from fellow members so feel free to share
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i just won a trophy on my gt500 out of 7 others in my 2010-2015 category
clean car
clean engine bay
flawless over all
and i had a rare color combo and let the judges know it

all were stock
not sure if they would choose a 13/14 over a 11/12 because of more hp or not

for me it was 1 judge......and i think he judged mine because of rarity and how clean it was...they spent tons of time looking under the hood even though it is 100% stock.

-----you should not look for a trophy on a stock car....for me its a joke they give a trophy to ANY stock car under 10 years shows should be for customized cars(newer) and restoration and originals of old cars.....winning a trophy for writing a $70k check and washing he car the day before shouldnt win you a did for me.....and it means nothing.....i was going to just toss it in a box, but i gave it to my 11 year old son to hang on his wall since he was with me
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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