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Catch a Bird

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Who will be the first to catch a bird in the air intake hole ??
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That's a one in a million shot, lol.. but if it can happen, it will
I'm not sure about that..I hit a bird once on a side street only doing like 40...there is a picture out there of a deer in the grille of a challenger,, so time will tell, lol
The air duct on the hellcat is not a straight shot,, it turns, or angles if you will to the left towards the supercharger p
Yes the entire bottom of the air box is open, and a little in the front near the bottom
It's like family....:p....I would miss it if not
Great,, now you started it, lol.. everyone will be posting pictures now, lol... very funny
1 - 7 of 39 Posts
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