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Catch a Bird

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Who will be the first to catch a bird in the air intake hole ??
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Boy, I'm just glad you didn't say TAMMIE. :p
Dang!!! You had to go there! o_O I'm gonna taser it before it gets near the air intake!!! Lol. No, I will probably find much more bizaar things in my Hellcats air intake...:confused:
I once hit two morning doves at the same time, shortly after hubby said don't worry they will move. At 70 I had remnants of doves in the radiator of my Tahoe for weeks....
Aren't doves supposed to be good luck...uh oh! o_O
I think I'm gonna leave a fake bird stuffed in the hole during car shows.:D
I was thinking the backend of a squirrel would be funny!! :D
Whoah! What a metaphor! When you think of it though, the whole experience of driving the Hellcat is exactly like a hand reaching out...with a middle finger up...telling them we're number one and don't you forget it!
Lol! I can't wait to see these Hellcats at car shows. All kinds of creative things will be flowing out that light!!!:D
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Dang! It looks like that Chally got hungry and tried to eat that deer! Crazy how it folded right into the fender! Any other car and it would be totaled. Another plus of my Hellbaby is how safe the darn thing is.:D
Great,, now you started it, lol.. everyone will be posting pictures now, lol... very funny
Lol! :)
1 - 6 of 39 Posts
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