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Catch a Bird

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Who will be the first to catch a bird in the air intake hole ??
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That's a one in a million shot, lol.. but if it can happen, it will
Boy, I'm just glad you didn't say TAMMIE. :p
Dang!!! You had to go there! o_O I'm gonna taser it before it gets near the air intake!!! Lol. No, I will probably find much more bizaar things in my Hellcats air intake...:confused:
LOL your a good sport
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How about a hand reaching out
You all are
Thats why you like us
Wait a minute you dont have to insult us. LOL

It's like family....:p....I would miss it if not
Lol! I can't wait to see these Hellcats at car shows. All kinds of creative things will be flowing out that light!!!:D
I went to Cars & Coffee almost two weeks ago and the thing most people were interested in besides the car overall was the headlight air intake. Everyone was touching it and looking in.
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come on lets have some fun, just dont go to far for mods.:):):):)
Winner a friend caught this bird at a buck thirty
I think this is an honorable second, we still need a first place in the headlight hole.;);););)
1 - 9 of 39 Posts
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