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I installed a billet technology catch can on my Redeye a year ago when I got my car. I have recently noticed a burning oil smell and got bad just the other day. It appears it is leaking where the plastic connector connects on the valve cover. There are clips on the plastic connector but on mine it does not grab or clip onto anything. You can slide it on and off the male end. The "cover" of the valve cover clips down on top and should keep it down. My question is should it be a solid tight connection? And/or any thoughts on how to correct it or should I reach out to Billet? Thanks

1st pic- shows overall oil residue/leak
2nd pic- is plastic connector that just slips right off and is not a solid/tight connection
3rd pic- pointing to clip on connector that does not clip to anything. There is a slight ridge above it but does not "clip" when you pull up

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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