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Ceramic coating you can do yourself?

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My PITA to maintain :ROFLMAO: black Hellcat is going to need another round of my buffer after winter is over. I'm wondering if any of these do-it-yourself ceramic coatings are 1) worth using and 2) a big PITA to do properly.

Anyone have any insight for me please?
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I did mine myself when car was new. I used Avalon King & love it. I've done 3 of my own vehicles when new, so not much was needed as far as paint correction. It was easy & has excellent results. I highly recommend doing this.
Wonder what the process is for mine. Maybe I get lucky and just the usual clay bar, polish out the swirls, then apply the ceramic?
That's about it. You'll need to wipe car with alcohol after your other work, then apply ceramic.
That's not bad at all. I was expecting a huge PITA drawn out process
I did mine with the avalon king. Pain in the arse and super simple to do all at the same time. Even though my car was brand new, is in right home from the dealer, I still did a full paint correction. Clay bar (i was shocked how much garbage came out of it), compound, polish, dawn dish soap wash, rubbing alcohol wipe down
Did you guys also use their
Essential: IPA Preparation Spray and/or Aftercare: Ceramic Topper/Boost Spray or are they not needed?
Paint correction is where you want to put in the time. Don't skim on that process.
You are 100% correct. At this point, I am used to buffing this car way too often. No more black for me!
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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