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Ceramic coating you can do yourself?

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My PITA to maintain :ROFLMAO: black Hellcat is going to need another round of my buffer after winter is over. I'm wondering if any of these do-it-yourself ceramic coatings are 1) worth using and 2) a big PITA to do properly.

Anyone have any insight for me please?
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The prep work prior to applying the coating is what makes/breaks the entire process. For the most part, applying the coating is fairly straightforward, it's getting the water spots, swirls, etc. out of the paint before applying the coat that takes some work. After having a ceramic applied, I wouldn't do anything to the car other than using a quality detail spray and a good microfiber. Anything that touches your cars paint when it's dry does damage, albeit minor or maybe unnoticeable. It's also best to look at the car under good quality LED lighting and at different angles when looking for imperfections.

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