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Challenger Hellcat Redeye coolant temps bone stock

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Hey guys just asking a question. Just got my 2021 challenger hellcat redeye two days ago. The coolant temps go at most to 221 witch is slightly right above the middle needle, then climb down to about 199-203... are these normal temps? Once I saw it go past the middle I was alittle confused.
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It also demonstrates the importance of watching heat soak when drag racing on repeated runs. As soon as you start moving, temps get a little lower. Were I to be seriously into drag racing, an air-conditioned tent, with blast-cooled front of car would be desirable, as would a huge radiator and coolers, chiller for the aftercooler, etc.

Ironically, on cold days, it is nice, I confess, to see that the intake air temperature is above ambient at a nice, comfortable room temperature, which aids combustion and warmup, for certain, as one of the biggest enemies of warmup in a naturally aspirated car is the ongoing assault of cold air to the intake tract and to the cylinder.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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