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Challenger rear panel clear coated? Pic inside

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I’ve had my car for about 2 months and had it ceramic coated. Since I’ve been looking at my car I’ve made a list of a few areas where there are some scratches I want polished out and re-coated since I’m going back next week to address some other things.
One issue is the area around the DODGE lettering. There are some minor scratches there that I would like cleaned up if possible, one hit with an orbital would clean it up. I’m pretty sure it’s clear coated but it may just be really shiny plastic? Anyone polish this area out around the dodge letters before without issues? Here’s what I’m taking about.
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I was tired of looking at it so I got a matte vinyl overlay and removed the Dodge letters. Much cleaner and makes the lights stand out a bit more. Got it from Luxe.
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I think that is what everyone would like to know, but I have a bad feeling there is nothing that will not leave obvious swirls.

Maybe the swirls will not be visible through PPF?
I agree. To do it well you probably need to polish it like you would acrylic, not paint. And there are no guarantees you won’t see the swirls or a light cloudiness in the future. Only to have it scratch when you breath on it later…ppf over it is probably a better idea, but seems like a lot of work with some uncertainty.
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