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Challenger with over flow bottle hose that popped off.

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Here is one Challenger from a SoCal dealer with 150 miles, they had the coolant bottle hose pop off and lost all the coolant no engine damage was done. This is the first on the coolant bottle I have heard about.

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Three things.

Report to srt hotline open cases direct srt to service trips to dealers. Meaning identify where you are going, when and then with your service record after. Ask for email to send pics do that.

Go into owner web site site ensure you're updating your service records with srt case number and service record #.

Utilize the link fnkychkn created keep updates specific list all details leave out comments not factual keep that topic on content minus opinion and just the facts. That topic is being carefully watched now. Let it serve it's forum purpose.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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