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A set of front & rear floor liners for a Dodge Charger.
Black in color.
The rear is ONE PIECE, and covers the hump.
I used these for 1 month in my 2021 Daytona 392 (just traded it in) and they fit perfect with great coverage.
Look like new still!

These fit the 2011 - 2021 RWD models.

They sell for $130 on Amazon, new.

6780FE3C-8070-4080-B5DE-0B85E6157C05 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

BA19192B-6135-460A-9873-535E5733D9DB by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

57A1BD75-604B-4A97-A160-28A933AE2CF7 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

F3346E21-C96B-4F49-8F74-138438718C16 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

Installed they looked/fit like this:
54EDB04A-6431-4F09-A76D-352457974DF0 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

0524892E-3E79-4910-8FF1-77124E1FF5D4 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

9AA827E3-6788-4FCE-B4E8-A516C69EFCF9 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr
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