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Charger HC ride questions vs SRT-8 300c

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Hi all new to this forum but have a few questions about ride feel and quality on the HC.
I am a previous 2006 SRT-8 300C owner
The main reason i got rid of my 300 is that the handling and ride were way too floaty and i could not really tell what the car was doing. It did not feel connected to the road. Lack of road feel.
Now i am thinking of getting a Charger Hellcat also looking at a M3 sedan.
So can a HC owner comment on the ride and road feel of a HC.
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I "traded" my E-46 M3 for a Challenger HC. Although is not a Charger, I have plenty of time in non-HC Charger with a beefed-up (factory) suspension.

The M3 stayed tight through the corners. The HC is a BEAST! It has plenty of finesse, but with more than twice the HP and a heck of a lot more weight, give yourself a bit of practice. In the end, the amount of power in the HC more than compensates for any loss of finesse.
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