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Charger HC ride questions vs SRT-8 300c

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Hi all new to this forum but have a few questions about ride feel and quality on the HC.
I am a previous 2006 SRT-8 300C owner
The main reason i got rid of my 300 is that the handling and ride were way too floaty and i could not really tell what the car was doing. It did not feel connected to the road. Lack of road feel.
Now i am thinking of getting a Charger Hellcat also looking at a M3 sedan.
So can a HC owner comment on the ride and road feel of a HC.
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brother had a 2013 300....the HC ride is nothing close.....

you will feel the road just fine...maybe too much if your looking to feel the road more then the HC is for you....compared to my 2011 SRT Challenger its a much rougher ride.....i use sport mode

test drive a 2015 392 SRT to get a taste of what a HC will be like

it handles as good as a car its size ever will
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