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This is not an actual race! LOL! Sorry. I was cruising today alone in the car when a nice looking yellow Lambo came up my rear view mirror. He was cutting in and out of traffic, dont know if to catch up with me. Anyway I thought, it would be interesting either way. He stay side by side with me and we both punched it. We where side by side for a sec but then I noticed he stayed way behind. I knew he stopped for some reason. I slowed down and he caught up with me. Guy was with his wife and he signaled me "wife does not want me to race". We both laughed, his wife too. Im stock and he would have smoked me I think.....right? thoughts....

BTW, I had to search for this Lambo online since they all look the same to me. It was this model:

Exactly like it but yellow. It had the colored lines on it sides. Beautiful car.
You could beat a Lambo Gallardo but the Huracan might be a problem lol
21 - 22 of 22 Posts