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Charger option pricing info!

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Fresh from my dealer!

Charger Hellcat: 64,990

The options are as follows:

Bronze Wheels 395
3-Season Tires 195
Black Roof 1,500
Engine Block Heater 95
Harman Kardon Audio 1,995
Laguna Leather 1,795
Sunroof 1,195
Red Seat Belts 95
Navigation 695

Standard Exterior Colors:
Billet Silver
Bright White
Granite Crystal
Jazz Blue
Pitch Black
Tor Red

Extra Cost Exterior Colors:
Ivory White Tri-Coat Pearl $500
Phantom Black Tri-coat Pearl $500
Redline Tri-Coat Pearl $500

Interior Colors & Trim:
Leather w/ Alacantara SRT Perf Seats — Std
Black or Ruby Red/Black

Laguna Hi Performance Leather Seats —Opt

All-Black or Sepia/Black
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I wondered about that black roof. It would be cool to look like a cop car.

Maybe Dodge should offer black doors, black top on a white car and call
it the police package. LOL.
That really backfires on you though. I have a black Charger now and it looks just like our undercover cop cars so everyone drives really slow in front on me. It SUCKS! I changed the color of my fog lights hoping that would help, most people don't get it.:(

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Yeah, I have a black Charger too and used to have that problem all the time until I got those SRT letters across the top of my windshield. Nobody thinks I'm a cop now!
Funny you say that cause I just got my SRT with the Hellcat logo to put across top of windshield. Not that my bright red Hellcat will EVER be mistaken for a cop car!Lol;)

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Seems the Harman Kardon stereo is standard in the Challenger.

Are you sure this is an option for the Charger and what stereo
comes standard in the SRT Charger Hellcat package?
It appears so.
I don't see how the dealer is giving prices out,, when I ordered my challenger,, they did have anything set in stone until the order banks opened
SRT sent out an announcement
Four Engines Four Doors Eight-speeds and Up To A World-leading 204 mph Dodge Announces Pricing for Its New 2015 Charger Model Lineup driveSRT News
Additional pricing info:;jsessionid=9CBB788840BD8F7D295641DF5E027EE7?&id=16117&mid=1

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What is the difference between the 2 reds? They look identical to me. Why $500 more for TRI-coat red Pearl? What that and is it worth $500?

Tor Red 0
Redline Tri-Coat Pearl + $500
The tru coat red is darker and had gold metal flake in it. The TorRed is straight up bright red. No metal flake.:)
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