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Charger Painted Side Markers/Reflectors

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I have a set of front & rear (all 4) OEM Charger bumper side markers painted in the factory "White Knuckle" or "Bright White" color.
aka PW7 paint code

These are for the 2015 - 2021's.

The fronts of the markers are all smooth -- the Mopar logo & part number were sanded down before being painted.
And I bent the prongs in the connector, on purpose, so they don't light up (it would've been a scattered light from the paint) BUT they still plug into the OEM wiring harness so you don't have water or dirt getting into the connection/harness or anything. No dash lights/errors or anything either.

I paid $100 from a local high end body shop to have these painted.
No flaws in the paint and it's a very good match.
I never installed or used them after they got painted, as I just traded the car in.

73FF70FE-0EF6-43CC-95AB-CC720467DFC0 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

0B4B36F4-CCC1-494C-B0BB-F5E6F7E3C8D1 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

096C4A41-0D23-4E93-A2C7-996B7B2261B4 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts