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Charger SRT Interior dome lights not working by pressing , but working by door open, lamp works in another charger BCM is running in other charger too

lights do not work if you want to turn them on manually by pressing
however, when I open the door, all 4 bulbs are working normally
can someone help
when i put BCM on other charger all working fine - the BCM is working properlyLamp dont working by pressing
when i put lamp in other charger too - all working fine by pressing ...

please help
what it could be?

VIDEO - lamp dont working

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I know you said BCM is good, but that doesn't hit me as a BCM type of problem anyway.
The lights working when the doors open/close says it's not a computer problem.

There are usually separate hot wires for those overhead lamps. One hot wire is computer
controlled, and the other hot wire goes to the manual switches. There is also usually a
"battery saver" circuit/relay that shuts off the power to those lights in case you forget to
turn off a light.

The battery saver should re-energize when you open a door. So you get in the car, close
the door and the interior lights will go out after that, but a stuck overhead light will stay on
as long as the car is running and then do a power off countdown again when the car is off.

So look for popped fuse, broken wire, bad battery saver relay, etc.
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