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Clarification on 2023 model hellcats

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So I've been looking around and I seen that dealers on this forum are offering 4-8% off on factory orders when you place it. Will some of the dealers still do that on 2023 models?
Also will I be able to walk into a dealership and place a custom order on a 2023 hellcat exactly how I want it or I have to just get what dodge sends out or that's only for the 7 special edition colors they are bringing back?
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Yeah. I'm not sure if it's all Koons or if just the one I spoke with but the one in Vienna sucked me around pretty serious
You must have gotten the regular lot dealer employees. I had a similar short experience with them in the beginning when I accidentally emailed the main Koons email address instead of emailing Craig directly through the group buy contact. I had some goober who was flooding me with emails and not responding to any of my response emails, telling me that I should call him right now if I wanted to get one of these special cars!!!

Funny enough was that once I took delivery from Craig, I started getting emails from the same goober(s) who somehow learned I had "recently purchased a Hellcat in the area" and that I should sell it to them at their lot. They even offered me a very reasonable 75 cents on the dollar for my zero mileage Redeye. LOL
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