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Codes U0109 and P025A and power loss, car died.

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So today I'm driving to work and all of a sudden I feel a huge power loss. Stepping on gas but car is not moving. Finally just stalls.

Tried restarting but would not start. Let it sit for a bit and finally starts up again and was able to get into my work parking lot which was literally 100ft from where I was stuck.

Check the codes and had these two:
U0109 - Lost Communications to Fuel Pump Control Module
P015A - Fuel Pump Module Control Circuit/Open

So I've read all the other posts on these codes and checked the fuel pump fuse and it appeared OK. Only other issue I would think is the Fuel Pump Control Module itself or the connection going to it.

Can someone tell me where this module is located?

Car is a 2016 HC with less than 5K miles.


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You can also borrow a scan tool at any autozone and read/clear.your codes for free
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