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Codes U0109 and P025A and power loss, car died.

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So today I'm driving to work and all of a sudden I feel a huge power loss. Stepping on gas but car is not moving. Finally just stalls.

Tried restarting but would not start. Let it sit for a bit and finally starts up again and was able to get into my work parking lot which was literally 100ft from where I was stuck.

Check the codes and had these two:
U0109 - Lost Communications to Fuel Pump Control Module
P015A - Fuel Pump Module Control Circuit/Open

So I've read all the other posts on these codes and checked the fuel pump fuse and it appeared OK. Only other issue I would think is the Fuel Pump Control Module itself or the connection going to it.

Can someone tell me where this module is located?

Car is a 2016 HC with less than 5K miles.


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The fuel pump driver module is in behind the passenger side panel in the trunk.
It's bolted to the side roughly above in between the battery and fuse box.
Awesome, thanks for that!

I may try replacing the relay first then go on to the module if that does not fix the issue.
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I've replaced the relay, however, I was able to get it running before doing that. Could be the relay was getting stuck or may be just going bad.
Did you find the core of the problem? Having same issue rt now. Thanks.
So I had to assume it was the fuel pump module relay as since I did that, I have not had the problem since. Easy and cheap to do.
Good thing I was taught to check for the easiest possible problem first. Was simply the fuel pump 30Amp fuse was bad. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.
Glad it was something simple and hopefully there's not another issue that caused the fuse to blow.
Happy to report thanks to you kind folks and your help and suggestions my Hellcat is back on the road!

I purchased a $20 Advance Auto fuel pump relay and a $11.99 (with coupon) a Amazon code reader (to reset my U0109 and P025A code)
After replacing that relay it fired right up just like when new! Time will tell if I have any more issues but looks like a $20 part made my car happy again, codes are clear and engine light off and she is starting on first push of that start button!

Thanks for the help everyone!
Now the big decision... Do I keep my 2015, 2,900 mile Garage Queen Hellcat or is it time to part ways?

I'm thinking I may like my garage space back and make room for a new Harley? Kids are finishing school and some stress relieving long motorcycle road trips are way over due? Big Decisions but at least she is starting again! Thanks All!
Glad to hear you got it fixed. Definitely a cheap and easy fix.

I would keep it. My 2016 has just under 7k mikes and it lives in my garage with my 2021 Wrangler 392. I can understand the garage space issue as I sold my 2008 Z06 in 2021 as 3 cars were getting too much. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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