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Cold Air Intake Recommendations

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Good-morning, all!

I just picked up my '16 SRT Hellcat Charger 5 days ago and I'm starting to mod it out with bolt-on accessories. I am waiting to do any ECU/TCU/Engine modifications for a while so I can enjoy the car and it's power. However, I have already ordered my AWE Track Edition Exhaust which is going on in 2 days and I am looking for a good CAI now. I have heard throughout the forums and word-of-mouth of 3 name brand CAI's that people tend to lean to. LMI, BWoody, and aFe. What would you guys recommend out of these three? I am more leaning towards Bwoody or LMI to be honest, one for the appearance and two because 90% of the Hellcat's I have found on social media run those two.

Also, I understand that the two of those that I am more interested in come with a rain shield.. how important is it to utilize that rain shield? I live in Boston, MA.. the weather here is wicked and confusing. Do you guys run the rain shield or no? I have heard that some people only run them when it is going to rain haha.. others run them always unless they are at the track. Figured I would drop in here to see what you guys recommend before making a purchase!
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Bwoody looks the part and makes the whine on these cars sound AMAZING. We have had their CAI on a few of our personal rides and they have been great.

- Alexis
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