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Collector Car Debate

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Okay...... here we go.

I have been reading a lot of bla bla bla about how collectible these cars (especially the sticker cars) will be. Having some experience in this market, my question would be, the only true high dollar collectible cars from the first Muscle car generation were very small run vehicles (that at the time) weren't deemed as future collectibles. How do you generate thousands of collectible vehicles in advance?

Don't get me wrong, I think these cars will have some (pizzaz, value, collectibility) in the future.... but we aren't talking 1of 4 Hemi Cuda convertibles here.....we are talking about vehicles that have been churned out in the thousands. (that didn't happen in the late 60's / early 70's)

Let the rage begin!
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They churned out tens of thousands Cameros in 3 years (67-69). Abeit many were 6cyl or base models, but any SS/RS or similar trim is collectable now. As will be any V8 hemi in the future. I feel lucky to have found a 67 no rust car with 87000 on the clock. If you can find a 80k mile v8 hemi in 40 years you will be looking at a sought after automobile. Demon and SS I think will be the most sought after, and certainly some SE's just due to their low production numbers. Then redeyes of any config just because they have the HO engine but any hellcat variant not driven into the ground will be desirable. Just like any Camero, Mustang, GT0 is today. Like previously said, they bring back memories.
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and only time will tell ultimately. My kid's problem lol. I am going to live the experience myself. Might be a lawn ornament in 40 years but I kinda doubt it.

We look at 1st generation muscle cars and what they have done. there are x number of capable buyers who can own these 1st gen muscle cars, afford to fix them, store them ect. When the challengers are 40 there will be 10x potential buyers so ones that get taken care of will do well IMO. Like I said, my kid's problem.
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