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Complete Brand New 900+ HP build.

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$4500 shipped.

FORGOT TO MENTION - This package includes a PCM unlock.

Guys please read this prior to asking me for individual parts. I’m aware I’m limiting my market by selling this as a package. If it doesn’t work out then I’ll consider splitting it up. But I’m willing to take bit less to make this a one and done deal..

This package would run slightly over 5k if all bought together.

If shipping PayPal only. If you are paying a goods and services please add the 3% on your end.

I’m selling a full blown, complete 900+ HP E85 build. It’s so new, that today was the first time I opened the boxes to take the pictures of the stuff for this post.

Tapped Performance 1.5 Dual 295 plug and play fuel pump
Fic 1440 injectors
TBA Raw Clocked Thermostat housing
180 Thermostat
Ripatuned Infinitely Adjustable Idler (blue)
Ripatuned Pump Gas Killer (2.79) pulley and Hub (blue)
Ripatuned Game Changer (2.57) ring blue
Smart Access Cable
Crank Pin Kit
TBA Machine upper Pulley Removal Tool
NGK 2309 Plugs (16)
Gates Green Belt (k100582)
Crank Bolt (updated)
TBA machine Full Billet Idler set. Supercharger x 3 3 inch
Accessory x 3

These 3 items below are not part of the package. But if you are interested message me and we can talk about those.

SOLD P4D DIRS Brand New* it was a scratch and dent model that I purchased and never installed. It’s in basically perfect condition, I never even noticed what makes it a scratch and dent model. SOLD

JLT intake with about 700 miles on it

An Legmaker with around 200 miles on
Rectangle Shipping box Handwriting Wood Font

Toy Silver Electric blue Auto part Plastic

Automotive tire Wood Bumper Rectangle Automotive exterior

Shipping box Product Automotive design Packing materials Packaging and labeling

Automotive tire Grey Automotive lighting Rectangle Motor vehicle

Hood Automotive design Beige Khaki Automotive exterior

Tire Automotive tire Rectangle Bumper Motor vehicle

Grey Silver Sleeve Camera Cameras & optics

Rectangle Bumper Automotive exterior Packing materials Wood
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