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Confused about these two Hellcats...

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Ok, I am on the hunt today on and found something really weird

Look at these two. The bottom car is charging $2435 for Laguna leather vs. $1795 AND no SRT Track Experience included. Does anyone know why? Worst case it might be something to look out for when you all are shopping.
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Pages not opening for me.
Is one from Canada?

Nope, both are in the US. Not sure why they aren't opening.

The suspicious one is at Rob Lambdin's University Dodge in Davie, FL.
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That's probably part of it. I found another one where the Laguna leather was the correct price, but they had removed the SRT Track Experience. I didn't think the dealers had the power to do this crap but at this point nothing surprises me.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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