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Had my 2019 redeye to a perf shop here in south Florida . Added their phase 1 kit.
They use a mustang Dyno.
Post install Dyno run Print out says 790 adjusted HP, apparently at the wheels ….
Adding 15 percent for the 8 speed automatic transmission gives me 908 HP at the flywheel?
car computer is showing up from 797 to 857…. Thoughts ?
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What gear was it in for the pull? What rear end gears? These can both affect whp. My SS is getting built now and the baseline pull was only 674 whp on a Mustang. That was in 5th gear (auto) and 3:09’s. It’s the delta that matters, but without a baseline you won’t know that. It’s also not just about the max hp. It’s the area under the curve that matters. A concave curve will beat a convex curve eight days a week, everything else being equal.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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