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Had my 2019 redeye to a perf shop here in south Florida . Added their phase 1 kit.
They use a mustang Dyno.
Post install Dyno run Print out says 790 adjusted HP, apparently at the wheels ….
Adding 15 percent for the 8 speed automatic transmission gives me 908 HP at the flywheel?
car computer is showing up from 797 to 857…. Thoughts ?
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First, the "857" on the display doesn't really correlate to anything particular. It's just a string read out of the config file.

Second, 790 at the wheels for a comparatively small set of mods isn't terrible at all. Certainly enough to squash unmodded Mustangs, Camaros, some Porches...

Third, there's a whole swamp of debate on dyno types and results. Just remember that a dyno is just a tuning device...what matters is how it works for you!

Get out there and enjoy it! :cool:(y)
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