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considering rear tire change only?

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since i have the summer tires and didnt really want them i am considering changing the rear tires

#1 i would like to leave the fronts alone and use the existing rear tires someday on the fronts...can i do that?
#2 is mixing and matching tires not a good idea? im not doing any road course with the car...only straight line all out stuff
#3 what size for the rear?
#4 what is brand/model is recommended for WI?

i dont think it even hit 90 degrees last summer.......i park my gt500 w/ F1's early because the tires suck when its 40-50 degrees......i always kept driving my 2011 SRT with RSA's until it snowed (mid nov)....never had an issue in 40 degree weather....yea the tires spun a bit more, but nothing scary or uncontrollable......i want a tire that i can use in 40 degree weather and play around with power to some gt500 and f1's are out right dangerous at 40 degrees and i assume the P0's on the HC will be the same....

do 305's fit on the rear?
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You can give the Michelin Pilot Super Sports a try. I know they aren't a drag radial, but you can get them a bit wider than stock, they SHOULD grip a little better than the factory tires according to the reviews, and they're much safer in the cooler weather. If you want something more aggressive, you can try the Toyo R888's, but the Michelins would probably be better in the cold. Honestly, the P-Zero's are pretty good street tires.
Nitto makes the NT555R in the factory size I think also.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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