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considering rear tire change only?

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since i have the summer tires and didnt really want them i am considering changing the rear tires

#1 i would like to leave the fronts alone and use the existing rear tires someday on the fronts...can i do that?
#2 is mixing and matching tires not a good idea? im not doing any road course with the car...only straight line all out stuff
#3 what size for the rear?
#4 what is brand/model is recommended for WI?

i dont think it even hit 90 degrees last summer.......i park my gt500 w/ F1's early because the tires suck when its 40-50 degrees......i always kept driving my 2011 SRT with RSA's until it snowed (mid nov)....never had an issue in 40 degree weather....yea the tires spun a bit more, but nothing scary or uncontrollable......i want a tire that i can use in 40 degree weather and play around with power to some gt500 and f1's are out right dangerous at 40 degrees and i assume the P0's on the HC will be the same....

do 305's fit on the rear?
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I have a set of 305 35 20 nittos on order. The same ones that guy used that lost to the tesla on stock rubber.
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