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Cooper Zeon RS3-S vs Cooper Street Comp

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Who has experience with either (or both) of these two performance street tires?
What's your thoughts?
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I used Cooper Zeon RS3-S on BMW sedan I used to own. I thought they were an outstanding tire. Great traction, decent treadlife, excellent handling and very cost competitive. They were made in the USA (just FYI).

I have no experience with the street comp.

A set of RS3-S will probably be on my Hellcat sooner or later. Nice tire and a great value. The RS3-S is also Y speed rated which is the same as the OE tire. Something to consider when buying tires. You might say hey I'm not going to go over 186 MPH so who cares but a Y rated tire is going to have better construction/materials all around.
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Does Mickey Thompson actually design and manufacture tires. I was looking at the Street Comp mentioned in this thread and I think it may be nothing more than a rebranded RS3-S.

The tread is VERY similar and the tire looks similar. I may call MT and ask. If so, it's definitely a good tire and it might be worth shopping for the better price out of the two...
Having WIFI on the plane is handy!!!! Well look here

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires Wheels

Cooper bought Mickey Thompson tire in 2003. I think it is safe to assume that the two tires in this thread are the same (except for branding) or if not VERY close cousins.

This is awesome. I really like the RS3-S. I wish they would start making our size in the RS3-A (all season version)...
Thanks for that info.
No wonder those two tires are two of the VERY few tire choices that sell in both 275/40/20 (for the front) AND 305/35/20 (for the rear) sizes. LOL

My only question now is, if I go 305/35/20 rear, do I really need to buy new front tires too, or is it bad (other than looks) to have two different tires on the fronts and the rears?
I like a matched set myself.... Many here have replaced rears only.

If you have low miles maybe sell your OE tires outright. Do you have all season Pirelli or the summer tires.

I'm actually interested in a set of low mileage take off all season OE tires.
I have the Summer Tires.
They currently have 475 miles on them, but 430 of those are highway. I drove it from a dealer 450 miles away and other than going off the freeway a few times for a mile or two city driving, it was all highway driving back. And no burn outs or hard acceleration take offs. So they are like new.
I bought an incoming car that was available (my order was still a VON at the time). The car I bought had summer tires. Not ideal for me (I would have preferred all season due to the climate where I live) so I'm interested in a set of all seasons and that is why I asked.

I'm not crazy about mismatched tires, if I were you I would sell what you have in the for sale forum and go with a match set or in the sizes you want.
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