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Cooper Zeon RS3-S vs Cooper Street Comp

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Who has experience with either (or both) of these two performance street tires?
What's your thoughts?
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And I may also add that tire is available in both a 275/40 and a 305/35. With the exception of the Pirelli tires that may be about all of the choices for the Cat if you want the 305's on the back and retain the OEM tire size on the front.
Well as bad as these tire choices are check out our posts on the wheel spec thread. Been shopping all morning, can't find any manufacturer that has a 9.5" and a 11" wheel in anything that makes sense! Then went for compromise; a 10" front? Nada! Anyone have ideas? Oh Buckwheat, Triumph don't have a working website, but I did email them to see what they have to offer.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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