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Cooper Zeon RS3-S vs Cooper Street Comp

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Who has experience with either (or both) of these two performance street tires?
What's your thoughts?
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Cool thanks for your input on the Cooper tire!
And I may also add that tire is available in both a 275/40 and a 305/35. With the exception of the Pirelli tires that may be about all of the choices for the Cat if you want the 305's on the back and retain the OEM tire size on the front.

Yup, it's the Pirelli P Zero
Cooper RS3-S
MT Street Comp

and maybe one other, but those seem to be the leading.
I'm debating going the
305/35 rears or
295/45 rears

Problem is, there is really only one choice in the 295/40 rear
Continental ExtremeContact DWS
It's the top rated UHP AS tire on Tirerack, but it's an all season which will drop dry traction a bit over the others.
But I do live in an area with quite a bit of rain, but I really don't PLAN on driving the Hellcat on rainy days, but you never know.
They could say no rain, and suddenly a rain cloud comes and drops rain for 20 minutes.

But if I go 305/35's I want to go with 20x10 rear wheels on the car.
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Thanks for that info.
No wonder those two tires are two of the VERY few tire choices that sell in both 275/40/20 (for the front) AND 305/35/20 (for the rear) sizes. LOL

My only question now is, if I go 305/35/20 rear, do I really need to buy new front tires too, or is it bad (other than looks) to have two different tires on the fronts and the rears?
I like a matched set myself.... Many here have replaced rears only.

If you have low miles maybe sell your OE tires outright. Do you have all season Pirelli or the summer tires.

I'm actually interested in a set of low mileage take off all season OE tires.

I have the Summer Tires.
They currently have 475 miles on them, but 430 of those are highway. I drove it from a dealer 450 miles away and other than going off the freeway a few times for a mile or two city driving, it was all highway driving back. And no burn outs or hard acceleration take offs. So they are like new.
I have a pair of 335/35 Coopers in the garage that will go on my factory wheels once the car gets here. Will have to let everyone know how that goes!
That's way too wide of a tire for a 9.5 inch wide wheel. 335's need 10.5 inch minimum wheel.
If you haven't seen my review comments on another thread under the wheels and tires section, check it out. The RS3-S isn't anywhere near as sticky as our factory tires. :(
Got a link?
That's disappointing to hear, and I just mentioned in another thread that I heard great things about the Zeon RS3-S
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