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Cordless Leaf Blowers

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I just purchased my Black Wide Body Challenger Hellcat a couple weeks ago and I just love it. It’s awesome. Since it’s black I’m really taking Good care of the paint.
I always wash my nice cars at a touch less car wash using their hand held pressure washer. I was just wondering if purchasing a cordless leaf blower would be a good idea to dry it?
And in between washes I keep it clean. I use quick detailer spray and the best quality microfiber towels and cloths. I heard some people say leaf blowers just push the water around. But the master blaster blows warm air.
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I use my Milwaukee cordless blower. I’m no detail expert but I use the blower to blow all the excess water out of all the nooks and crannies like mirror pockets door jams and grill. That way you don’t have those water droplets that keeps dripping after you have dried the whole car.
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I would avoid using a gas blower if the exhaust blows out towards the front. Put a white piece of paper in front of the exhaust and you will see all the crap it would be blowing onto your car. If that’s all you have so be it. At least let the blower get good and hot first. Less chance for blow by.
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