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Cordless Leaf Blowers

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I just purchased my Black Wide Body Challenger Hellcat a couple weeks ago and I just love it. It’s awesome. Since it’s black I’m really taking Good care of the paint.
I always wash my nice cars at a touch less car wash using their hand held pressure washer. I was just wondering if purchasing a cordless leaf blower would be a good idea to dry it?
And in between washes I keep it clean. I use quick detailer spray and the best quality microfiber towels and cloths. I heard some people say leaf blowers just push the water around. But the master blaster blows warm air.
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So your leaf blowers work just as good as the master blaster?
I've never tried a master blaster.

They’re too expensive IMO.

How long does it take you guys to dry your car? With a leaf blower. I’m sure you use high quality microfiber towels too. I remember in another post you mentioned you have a Black Hellcat too.

Edit: And it says you have a ‘21 Black Hellcat under your avatar.

Thanks guys.
Your vehicle looks great! That leaf blower you use is Powerful!

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I’d go with the highest CFM blower you can get for your budget. For drying a car that’s what you want large volume of air to push all the water off the car.
Yep. You’re right. And $200 is probably my budget.
And it’s so much easier to dry if the car is waxed
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I recently bought this Atlas from Harbor Freight because it was on sale. And the battery and fast charger cost like 150 more
But saved another $30 Instantly because I bought the battery and charger with it.
My atlas works great at a great price. The ceramic coating makes it a lot easier to wash. I just hope that coating lasts.
I can coat it next time. The labor is what costs so much. The Paint correction and prepping
Which ever style blower you decide to
Don’t let the nozzles
fly off and project themselves
Towards the car.
My Atlas works great. The nozzle clips on. It would never fly off. Only problem I have is the battery charger doesn’t work. Bought it at Harbor Freight. I’ll just go back and get another one. The battery came half charged. So I was able to use it for 20 mins. Lol. Worked great blowing the water off my car.
I returned the Atlas blower, battery and the pos “rapid” charger because I returned that charger twice. It didn’t work. I got a full refund.

What do you guys think of the Ego leaf blowers? This one Comes with the battery and charger for $279. I think most if not all of the Ego blowers come with the battery and Chargers.

I use a leaf blower to dry my cars. There's no real risk unless you're somehow using it in a dusty environment. You obviously need to be careful not to blow gobs of hyper accelerated dust and sand on the car. I also have one of those EGO 765cfm cordless blowers. Zips the water right off :)

To wash, I use an 1,800psi Greenworks power washer with a foam soap attachment.
That’s the best , highest cfm ego blower makes. Maybe I’ll wait to see if it goes on sale with the Holidays coming up.
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Yeah, I'm a Lowe's poster boy. Pretty much everything home related comes from there. Got a nice central wall mounted vacuum from them too.
I’m looking for shelves for my garage wall. I need more space. (I also need a bigger garage. lol. I have a small 2 car garage). My walls are finished with drywall.
What shelves would you recommend?
Amazon has a lot of choices. I probably would get more than 1 foot depth though.
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I used fairly regular shelves in mine. The center wall shelf is one of those bolt to the wall hidden hardware designs. The others are just plain old shelves put in from the mix-n-match brackets and shelf section. I love the gladiator brand cabinets.

View attachment 607199
Thanks. I’m a little surprised how expensive those shelves are but I’ll wait for those to go on sale too. Lol.
Nice garage man and your Vette is awesome. I really like those. Very impressive 1/4 mile and top speed of the C8s.
Thanks, I don't have that one anymore. I ordered a new 3LT convertible. I traded the red one in when the 3LT went into Chevy's version of D1.
The detail shop I took my Hellcat to had a brand new C8. It was a grey ish color. It still had the temp paper plate on it. They were gonna PPF the whole car.
The power to weight ratio is something else on those.
FWIW, I paid about $20 for the shelf in the corner on the far left. The one above the bicycle, which isn't shown in this photo very well, is similar to the photo you linked. I use 4 brackets and a simple shelf plank as that shelf has my car show trophies and vintage oil cans (which are all unopened and full).
Looks really nice man.

Yea I need to check out Facebook marketplace too for shelves.
Yep, 0-60 in 2.6-2.7. They're awesome from 0-100 and 100-0. Once you hit 105 or so, the car hits a brick wall. Totally different feel than a HC, which just keeps pulling. This thing's lateral grip and responsiveness is a thing of poetry though.
I traded in my excellent condition low mile 18 Camaro 2SS. That car was quick and fast. I got it up to 150 easily. In cold air. It could’ve done 175 at least that time.
Dodge dealership gave me alot for it trade in value towards my Hellcat.
Yep, 0-60 in 2.6-2.7. They're awesome from 0-100 and 100-0. Once you hit 105 or so, the car hits a brick wall. Totally different feel than a HC, which just keeps pulling. This thing's lateral grip and responsiveness is a thing of poetry though.
You thinkin of upgrading to a new ZO6 next?
Nah, those are 130-150k. Too rich for me. My cars are daily driven... I can't justify a use case for a daily Z06. The Stingray can do upwards of 180, it just has a serious acceleration drop off after 100. 0-60 in under 3 seconds, but 100-150 takes a long time.
I haven’t researched the new C8s too much but Yea I read 0-60 under 3 seconds and 11 second 1/4 mile.
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