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I would not waste my time on locks.
I have seen one of my mechanics use a rounded off lug tool on these and they come off just as fast as normal lugs. If you have insurance who cars, they are ugly anyways.

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By chance does anyone have the right Mopar Part Number ? All the Mopar parts sites are not yet updated for 2021 it seems.
Many high-performance car owners, myself included, go with The System by Gorilla Automotive Products. Standard wheel locks (4 to a pack) have a different weight to the rest of the lug nuts on the wheel, which introduces an imbalance. Admittedly, the imbalance is negligible and compensated for with a good wheel balance (as long as you always keep the locking lug nut in the same position), but in The System you get 20 identical locking lug nuts that all weigh the same. As far as security goes, the Mopar wheel locks work just fine. However, with The System a thief has the additional consideration of whether it’s worth his time to defeat 20 (instead of just 4) locks. The System comes in black or chrome.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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