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Correct Oil Filter?

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After buying mine used 6 months ago, I wanted to change the filter before hitting Road America. Imagine my chagrin when I put the old filter in the box of the new one! Automotive tire Camera lens Camera accessory Cameras & optics Audio equipment
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Here is what was in there, and I've always used the MO-899 on this and my 392. Thoughts?
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I had the exact opposite experience. I was going to change the oil myself until the parts guy that I know told me it would be better for warranty purposes to have the dealer do it,so they have a record of it. The old story about denying engine coverage applies. Anyway the service manager said to ask for a journeyman to do it, and I told him I had the filter and oil already. He said not a problem to use my stuff. I told the service writer to make sure the tech drained the oil cooler when he changes the oil. In about an hr they came and got me, said the oil & filter were changed along with draining the oil cooler. Then he tells me the tech drained my catch can. Wow. Then they give me the invoice for $35. No complaints here
Cause they want your money. If you keep your oil and filter purchase receipts, your good to go. Though I’ve blown an engine under warranty, was covered, and was never asked for any receipts at all. I was a bit disappointed I kept all the records for nothing lol,
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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