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Correct Oil Filter?

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After buying mine used 6 months ago, I wanted to change the filter before hitting Road America. Imagine my chagrin when I put the old filter in the box of the new one! Automotive tire Camera lens Camera accessory Cameras & optics Audio equipment
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Here is what was in there, and I've always used the MO-899 on this and my 392. Thoughts?
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I had the exact opposite experience. I was going to change the oil myself until the parts guy that I know told me it would be better for warranty purposes to have the dealer do it,so they have a record of it. The old story about denying engine coverage applies. Anyway the service manager said to ask for a journeyman to do it, and I told him I had the filter and oil already. He said not a problem to use my stuff. I told the service writer to make sure the tech drained the oil cooler when he changes the oil. In about an hr they came and got me, said the oil & filter were changed along with draining the oil cooler. Then he tells me the tech drained my catch can. Wow. Then they give me the invoice for $35. No complaints here
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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