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True, keep in mind a couple things too.

1. China, Italy, Spain all have minimalistic provisions compared to other areas such as ventilators.
2. Population density in all 3 areas overwhelmed the system at once. Cities and high populations will do that.
3. We dont truly know the number of people infected.

Judging by how pathogenic this disease is, and that it's in every country on earth practically, there is NO WAY we have under 1 million cases world wide. I guarantee you the number of people actually infected are far greater than we can imagine.

For example - we are now seeing folks in the hospitals here that have been hospitalized for reasons totally unrelated to viral symptoms, but show signs of COVID.

Example - PA had a car crash that brought 2 people over 65 in. They had signs of a past viral pneumonia in their lungs on the scans, and had COVID-19 antibodies in their systems. They both felt fine.

The actually mortality rate is probably much lower than %4.5 BUT that doesnt mean we cant take it serious as the mortality rates are greater in elderly, or people with high blood pressure, diabetes, people who smoke and vape, or have asthma
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