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Cradle bushing limiter plate removal made easy. BMR Cradle lockout

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If you are getting ready to install a cradle lockout (highly recommended when running a drag radial on a prepped surface) you may have read how removing the limiter plate is the hardest part of the installation. I made a tool that basically pops these right off. No drilling required. HMU if you want one
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Its a good idea rather than having to drill, I get it.
But the time it takes to drill it and get it off was less than 5 minutes per side. So fabbing a tool will take longer than just getting the job done IMHO.
I feel like if people had issues getting these off, they are not capable of making the tool either.

Appreciate the info regardless.
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Was your car on the ground or on a lift when you drilled them?
On a park lift.
It would have been easier if it was on jack stands and I could have been kneeling in the fenderwell. If someone is laying under it while they are drilling, they need to evaluate the job before starting the work.

And get a new cobalt drill bit, don't try to drill this with some old bit unless you love the punishment.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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