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Crankshaft Bolt for a 2015 HC

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Quick question has anyone put a 2018-2021 updated crankshaft bolt into a 2015 HC? I know it’s been updated and am going to pin the crank and was going to get the latest crank bolt. Little help will a newer on fit all the same just with different torque specs obviously.
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Thanks Speedy
Confirmed, Demon bolt part # 6512335AA is what you want to use. Tq to 239 ft lbs
I thought the torque spec for the new bolt was lower, plus 150 degrees?
I’m going to pin the crank and update the bolt, basically the same thing you did in your video. I would rather have the extra insurance on the 2015, especially with the potential for the known issues.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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