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It didn't take me long to notice the high number of stolen Hellcat threads on this forum. I 've responded to several of these threads sharing my own precautions such as locking my clutch pedal, locking my OBD II port, and even parking spaces I choose to make it more difficult for hook 'n go thefts.

I'd like to share an online resource I've been using for years, starting after I bought my (then) new 2013 Challenger R/T, and now for my SRT Hellcat. is a free subscription website that allows you to monitor almost any address or other location in the United States for a wide range of reported criminal activity with customizable radii ranging from 500 feet to 2 miles. The site provides an option to set a custom time range which allows you to view days, weeks, months, or years of historical criminal data. There's also a filter to select the types of reported crimes you wish to view including specific reports for vehicle theft, vehicle vandalism, and vehicle burglary. I usually set the filters to include all reported crimes for a given area.

Whenever I take my cat to an unfamiliar location for a meet, I always check out the site on crimemapping to see how safe the area is relative to reported criminal activity for the preceding four weeks. I usually choose a radius of about a 1/4 mile as that usually covers the size of most large auto shows and meets. If I plan to spend the night at a hotel, I'll punch in the hotel's address and choose a radius of 500 feet which is usually sufficient to cover most hotel parking lots.

Here's a YouTube explaining the features of My apologies for the 1950's PSA styled narration... :whistle:

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It's even easier if you combine it with demographic mapping. Then things become resoundingly obvious. Keep your goods away from areas where your stuff represents more than ten years' income for the residents.
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