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2022 Jail Break
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I have a good friend who's a new car sales manager at Cadillac here in Tallahassee. He said that the Blackwing is a pretty tough sell right now, due to the fact that at its pricepoint, it's nearly the same price as an M5, and the M5 is the better car. He said that of the Blackwings they've ordered, well over 80% were manuals. This makes sense as the M5 doesn't come with a stick option. It also doesn't help him that the BMW dealership is next door to his dealership.
I’ve always heard BMW prices free fall as far as resale. One of the worst brands.
Wouldn’t the black wing retain more resale value?d

to me that is important at these price points. One of a few reasons I bought the hellcat vice a Mercedes or BMW.
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