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Insider said "bad news" coming tomorrow. Read somewhere else could be mid November before they can start up again. I guess we will know for sure tomorrow.
Just like a year ago… right about the same time, you’ll see, this will grow to somewhere between 2 to 4 weeks, then they’ll finish what they have in stock for 2022 and some of you will be forced to wait till the last day of 2022MY production until your dealer calls you to break down the bad news (around late December) then they’ll tell you you’ll have to wait till production starts new year, then they’ll say your order will be cloned and that’s a big If, if they work with their regional Chrysler rep/manager…

Ask me how I know 😡

the more this parts shortages goes the more I believe that these stickers cars phony special editions will be the only ones high performance built with very few ultra rare SS, RE just like first year production for SS (believe was around 200 or less) when nobody knew [email protected] about COVID…

Good luck to y’all
1 - 3 of 3 Posts